Bird ringing station Castricum


Birdringing station VRS Castricum is one of the so-called Dutch "Vinkenbanen". It is situated near the coast of the North Sea in the sandy dunes of Holland (nature reserve Noordhollands Duinreservaat). The owner of the area is the water supply company waterleidingbedrijf NV PWN. The station is operative since for catchingd and ringing birds for scientific research since 1960.

We use four clap-nets for catching passerines like pipits, larks and finches, and for waders as well. Further we have a permanent mistnetting configuration (total of about 300 meters). They are put up in different types of  habitats:
• reedbeds along water with some shrub
• edge of forest (where we use 'pull-up' nets)
• scattered shrubs and low trees.
We have a group of 14 volunteers with a ringing permit and 4 assistant ringers. We catch all year round, weather permitting, seven days per week.

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Or contact:  Arnold Wijker